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Cory Chase is an attractive young man who has always had a passion for sex. He has always been curious and adventurous and loves exploring different aspects of his sexuality. In this video, Cory is introduced to a new family that is open and accepting of all sexualities. They welcome him into their home and offer him the opportunity to explore his desires with them. Cory is immediately attracted to the beautiful and sensual mother of the family and cannot resist the temptation to explore her body. He begins by kissing her gently on the lips and she responds by pulling him closer and deepening the kiss. They continue to make out passionately as Cory's hands roam all over her body. As they continue to explore each other's bodies, Cory's curiosity is piqued by the other family members. He watches father and son having a passionate threesome and can't help but get a little jealous. But when he's given the opportunity to join in on the fun, he quickly gets over it. Cory enthusiastically accepts the invitation and joins the trio. He is immediately attracted to his son, who is just as sexy as he is. They begin with passionate making out, with Cory's hands running all over his son's body. They continue to explore each other's bodies, with Cory's cock getting harder and harder with each passing moment. As they continue kissing, the mother joins in too. She starts kissing Cory and he responds by kissing her back. They continue to make out passionately, with Cory's cock getting harder and harder. He can't resist pushing it deep into her pussy and she responds with a loud moan of pleasure. The four of them make love all night long as Cory explores every aspect of her body. He is amazed at how open and accepting they are, and he can't help but be grateful for the opportunity to be part of their family. As the night comes to an end, Cory says goodbye and leaves the family home. But he knows he will always remember this night, and

Duration: 53:21

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