Sex Cop In The Subway

The scene begins with sexy police officer John on patrol in the busy city. He is wearing his uniform and ready for action. Suddenly he hears a commotion from a nearby train station. He rushes to investigate and finds a group of people gathered around a young woman who is being attacked by a group of men. Without hesitation, John intervenes and defeats the attackers with his martial arts skills. The young woman is grateful and thanks him for his help. John notices his name tag and realizes he is a fellow officer. They start a conversation and soon find themselves attracted to each other. As they continue their patrol, they can't help but flirt with each other. They stop at a nearby bar for a drink and John can't help but stare at the woman's cleavage. She catches his eye and playfully pats his arm. They continue to laugh and joke. As the night progresses, their attraction becomes stronger. They land in a secluded park and begin kissing under the stars. John's hands move to the woman's breasts and she then opens her shirt. They continue to smooch passionately as the camera pans to show the beautiful scenery. The scene ends with the woman pulling down John's pants and putting him in her mouth. He moans in pleasure as she sucks him deep. The camera focuses on their faces as they continue kissing. The scene ends with the woman pulling up John's pants and the two walking hand in hand into the night.

Duration: 11:11

Views: 23

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