Metro – Shades Of Sex 4 – Scene 1

In this scene from Metro - Shades of Sex 4 we see a sexy young woman, Sarah, waiting for the train in the busy subway station. She wears skinny jeans and a revealing top that shows off her toned figure. She can't help but feel nervous as she waits for the train to arrive. Just as she is about to go up, a handsome man, Jack, approaches her. He's wearing a sharp suit and tie, and Sarah can't help but be attracted to him. They strike up a conversation and before she knows it, Jack has convinced her to take a detour with him. They end up in a dark alley, where Jack approaches Sarah and kisses her passionately. Sarah can't resist his lips and soon they're tearing each other's clothes off. Jack's hands go to Sarah's pants and he pulls them down to reveal her lace underwear. Sarah moans in pleasure as Jack's hands explore her body. He takes off her bra, revealing her firm breasts and then unzips her pants. She pulls them down, revealing her bare legs and ass. Just as Jack is about to take Sarah's virginity, they are interrupted by the sound of a train pulling into the station. They quickly get dressed and return to the platform. As they board the train, Sarah can't help but be grateful for the meeting. She has never felt so alive and sexual. She can't wait to see what the future holds for her and Jack. This scene is full of hot action and will leave you wanting more. Now see how Sarah and Jack's love story unfolds in Metro - Shades of Sex 4.

Duration: 18:20

Views: 36

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