Sexy Teacher Fucks Her Student

A beautiful blonde teacher sits at her desk, correcting her homework and looking sexy in her tight blouse and skirt. His student comes in, looking nervous and unsure of what to expect. The teacher greets him warmly and asks him to sit down. As the student sits down, the teacher starts teasing him and asking about his grades and performance. The student tries to act casual but can't help but be a little nervous. The teacher notices this and decides to take advantage of the situation. She bends over the desk, her tits hanging out of her blouse, and starts rubbing her hands up and down his thigh. The student tries to act normal, but can't help but be a little upset. The teacher notices this and decides to take things to the next level. She stands up, pulls her skirt up to her waist and begins to undress in front of the student. The student is fascinated and watches as the teacher removes her bra and panties, revealing her bare skin. Then the teacher starts rubbing his hands all over his body to tease the student and arouse him even more. The student can't help but touch the teacher and feel her soft skin and hard nipples. The teacher notices this and decides to move on. He takes the student in his arms, kisses him passionately and rubs his whole body with his hands. The student is in heaven, feeling the teacher's warm body against his and his soft lips on his. Then the teacher starts pushing him on the desk, spreading his legs and taking his cock in his mouth. The student moans with pleasure as the teacher starts sucking him using his mouth and hands to make him enjoy it. Then the teacher starts riding him, feeling his cock inside her and moaning with pleasure. The student is in ecstasy feeling the teacher's hot body on her hot pussy and cock. They continue fucking like this for several minutes, both completely lost in the moment. Finally, the teacher cums on the student's cock and releases his load deep inside her. Both collapse

Duration: 20:44

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