Metro – Sex Cop – Scene 2

In this scene we see the sex police officer, dressed in her tight, tight uniform, patrolling the busy city streets. He walks confidently, scanning the crowd for signs of trouble. Suddenly he sees a man standing alone in a dark alley, looking suspicious. She approaches him slowly, careful not to startle him. As she gets closer, she can see the man staring at her with a hungry look in his eyes. He licks his lips, obviously wanting to take her in. The sex cop can't resist the temptation any longer and decides to take things to the next level. She takes out her ID and shows it to the man to make it clear that she is in charge. The man doesn't hold back, but approaches the sex police officer and pulls her into his arms. They kiss passionately, their tongues entwined as they explore each other's bodies. The sex policewoman breaks the kiss and takes out her handcuffs, ready to welcome the man. But as she begins to handcuff him, he pushes her against the wall and presses her against it with his body. She struggles to free herself, but he is too strong. He takes off her shirt and bra, exposing her bare breasts. She moans with pleasure as he takes one of her nipples into his mouth and sucks hard. The sex cop can't resist the feeling any longer and reaches down to unzip his pants. She pulls out his hard cock and starts stroking it, feeling it getting harder and harder with each passing moment. She takes him deep into her mouth and sucks his cock with all her might. The man moans in pleasure as the sex cop continues to pleasure him with his mouth. She takes him deep into her throat and feels his cock pushing into her throat. He pushes deeper, making her choke on his cock. She pulls away, panting, but he doesn't stop. He pushes her deeper and deeper, making her gag even harder. Just when she thinks she can't take it anymore, he comes out of her mouth and penetrates deep into her pussy. She moans with pleasure as he starts fucking her hard. The hammer p

Duration: 16:58

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