Metro Sex 06 Scene 12

Watch two hot MILFs as they the city streets for a day of shopping and exploring. As the afternoon heats up, they decide to find a shady spot to rest and enjoy a refreshing drink. But as they take a sip, they notice a busty nurse tending to an injured man on the sidewalk. One of the MILFs approaches her, flirting and joking about how she must be good at healing if her body is so perfect . The nurse, always ready to have a good time, playfully responds that it's bracelets and a flirty wink that make everything okay. She then offers to show them how to fix the man's injuries, causing them both to feel a pang of guilt and lust at the same time. Will the nurse be able to resist their temptation or will she give in to their desires and turn this innocent rendezvous into a hot and steamy afternoon of sex?!?

Duration: 18:22

Views: 35

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