Metro Sex 03 Scene 8

In this scene we are in a busy city with people running back and forth through the busy streets. As we zoom in, we see a group of men gathered around a small alley. One of them, a tall, muscular man with short hair, stands out from the crowd. He's wearing a tight T-shirt and jeans, his bulging muscles visible underneath. As we get closer, we can see that the man is talking to a smaller, younger man. The younger man is wearing a suit and tie and seems slightly out of place in this dingy alley. But as the older man speaks, the younger man's eyes widen with interest. The older man leans forward and whispers something in the younger man's ear. The younger man nods, a mischievous smile on his face. And then, without warning, the older man pulls the younger man into a passionate kiss. As they kiss, the other men in the alley look on in amazement. Some of them exchange looks while others simply shake their heads and continue on their way. But everyone is talking about the cute couple and the energy in the alley is electric. The kiss continues and the younger man's hands roam over the older man's chest, feeling the hard muscles under his shirt. The older man growls in pleasure and the younger man smiles, feeling empowered by the older man's reaction. As the kiss deepens, the younger man's hands slide to the older man's pants and pull them down to reveal a large erect cock. The older man moans in pleasure and the younger man's eyes widen in shock. The younger man grabs the older man's cock and slowly strokes it as they continue kissing. The older man's hands move to the younger man's pants and pull them down to reveal his hard, erect cock. The younger man moans in pleasure as the older man's hand wraps around his cock, pulling him closer to him. The two men continue kissing, their hands running over each other's bodies as they indulge their desires. As the kiss continues, the younger man

Duration: 18:06

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