Metro – Lesbian Sex – Scene 11

In this scene we are on a crowded subway during rush hour. The lights flicker and the air is filled with the smell of sweat and coffee. Our two hot lesbian lovers make their way through the crowd in tight jeans and sweatshirts, holding hands and enjoying each other's company. As they get to the front of the train, they see a group of boys staring at them suggestively. Our lovers exchange mischievous smiles and move on, past the men and towards the end of the procession. Once they reach their destination, they sit on a bench and start making out while their hands explore each other's bodies. The train rocks back and forth as it travels through the tunnel, increasing the intensity of their make-out session. Suddenly they hear approaching footsteps and turn to see a group of boys standing above them. The boys laugh at her and ask her to leave. Our lovers refuse, standing their ground and staring down at the boys. The boys start pushing them, but our lovers are more than a match for them. They push back with all their might, their fists flying and their bodies moving in a blur. The conductor rushes in and breaks up the fight, but our lovers are still panting and sweating from the fight. A little shaken, they lean back on the bench and start making out again. This time they are even more passionate, their bodies pressed together as they explore every inch of each other. When the train stops, they reluctantly step away from each other and gather their things. They leave the station and enter the night, their hearts beating fast and their bodies still humming with the adrenaline of battle. But as they leave, they realize that they don't want to be anywhere else but with each other. They shake hands and walk back to the train station, ready to face whatever challenges come their way as long as they have each other.

Duration: 19:26

Views: 68

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