Metro – Lesbian Sex 02 – Scene 9

In this scene we see two beautiful lesbians getting dirty on the train. The first woman sits on the bench while the second woman stands above her, straddling her lap. They begin kissing passionately, their tongues entwining as they explore each other's mouths. As they continue kissing, the first woman reaches down and begins to unzip the second woman's pants. She pulls them down to her knees, revealing her bare legs and firm ass. The second woman leans back and lifts her hips to give the first woman easy access to her pussy. The first woman takes full advantage and starts touching the second woman's pussy and exploring every inch of her tight, wet hole. The second woman moans in pleasure as the first woman's fingers slide in and out of her pussy, hitting just the right spots. As they continue making out, the second woman begins to unzip the first woman's shirt. She takes it off and reveals her naked breasts and hard nipples. The first woman leans over and begins sucking on the second woman's nipples, her tongue touching and licking them. The second woman begins to moan even louder as the first woman's fingers continue to explore her pussy. She sits back and spreads her legs even wider to give the prima donna full access to her tight, wet hole. As they continue to make out and explore each other's bodies, the train stops. The two women don't care, they are too absorbed in the moment and continue to kiss and touch each other passionately. This scene will definitely make your heart beat faster and leave you wanting more. Watch these two hot lesbians get dirty on the train and explore every inch of their bodies.

Duration: 12:04

Views: 20

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