Metro Lesbian Anal Sex 05 – Scene 8 Ss Naturally Spring

In the latest installment of Metro's ongoing series of lesbian anal sex, we escape the hustle and bustle of the city and head to the countryside for Naturally Spring. Riley and Sarah can't wait to explore the beautiful estate and indulge in their love of anal play. They begin by exploring the memorial garden, where Riley reminisces about her first time with Sarah. As they wander deeper into the garden, their connection grows stronger and their sex drive is at a fever pitch. They find themselves in the greenhouse, where they take turns exploring every inch of each other's bodies. Sarah's throwback to the 80s is evident as she struts around in her lace lingerie, while Riley's futuristic outfit shows off her strength and athleticism. They eventually make their way to the secret garden where they indulge in their love for anal play. Sarah is the domination slave of Riley, and again she is at her mercy as she gets her ass licked and fucked hard. For the grand finale, they take a dip in the mud bath, where they get to enjoy the sensations of nature and each other's bodies. Don't miss this intimate and sensual scene.

Duration: 22:00

Views: 21

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