Metro Anal Sex Scene 2

The camera pans across the crowded subway car, capturing the hustle and bustle of commuters rushing to work. Suddenly two men catch your attention. They stand at the edge of the platform, away from the crowd. A man is tall and muscular, with short hair and a scraggly beard. The other man is shorter, has a shaved head and a more boyish appearance. As the train stops, the tall man turns to the smaller man and approaches him. He whispers something in his ear and the smaller man nods in agreement. They push their way through the crowd and make their way to the back of the car. Once they reach their destination, the smaller man turns to the camera, showing off his tight jeans and the hint of a bulge in his pants. The big man pulls down his pants, revealing his hard cock. The smaller man takes the big man's cock in his mouth and sucks it deeply and passionately. The tall man leans his back against the wall, closes his eyes and moans in pleasure. The smaller man continues sucking, his hands gripping the taller man's hips for more leverage. Suddenly the train starts moving again and brings the two men back to reality. They quickly pull up their pants, push their way through the crowd, and disappear from view. The camera lingers on the empty subway car, leaving a feeling of longing and longing.

Duration: 19:40

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