Metro – Anal Sex 05 – Scene 4

In this intense and steamy scene, two horny guys explore the depths of their desires. One is a tall, muscular man with a thick beard and piercing blue eyes, while the other is a shorter, slender man with short, curly hair and a mischievous smile. The scene begins with the two boys sitting on a bench in a crowded subway station. The muscular man walks up to the shorter man and whispers, I've wanted to do that to you for a while. The shorter man smiles and replies, I've wanted to do the same thing to you too. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of a The train is interrupted and the two boys quickly go to the back of the train, where they find a secluded corner. The muscular man pulls out a condom and the smaller man puts it on his cock. The scene then switches to the two boys in a dimly lit alley, where they are surrounded by darkness and traffic noise in the background. The smaller man is on all fours, the muscular man behind him, his cock buried deep in the smaller man's ass. The two boys grunt and moan as they fuck, their bodies slick with sweat and their eyes closed in pure pleasure. The muscular man's large cock slides in and out of the smaller man's ass with ease, filling him with every stroke. The scene ends with the two boys falling to the ground, panting and drenched in sweat. The smaller man looks at the muscular man with a mix of gratitude and lust in his eyes, and the muscular man smiles back, satisfied with the intense orgasm they just shared. This scene will definitely make you hard and wanting more. With its intense sexual energy and steamy atmosphere, it's a must-watch for anyone who enjoys watching sexy guys explore their desires.

Duration: 21:48

Views: 15

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