Lbo K Sex Scene 3

In this erotic scene we see a beautiful young woman being seduced by a powerful businessman. Businessman dressed in elegant jacket and tie sitting at the desk in his luxurious office. The young woman, dressed in a tight, revealing dress, enters the room and closes the door behind her. The businessman leans forward and scans the young woman's body. He can't help but feel a sense of power over her, knowing that he can have her if he wants her. The young woman feels his attraction, approaches the desk and sits in front of him. The businessman leans back in his chair, his hands resting on the desk in front of him. He starts talking to the young woman, flattering her and telling her how beautiful she is. The young woman listens, her heart pounding with excitement. As they continue to talk, the businessman begins to lean forward, his hands getting closer and closer to the young woman. She can feel his breath on her neck and knows he's going to kiss her. The kiss is passionate and intense and the young woman feels like she is losing herself in that moment. The businessman pulls her closer to him, his hands cupping her waist and deepening the kiss. As they kiss, the businessman begins to undo the buttons on the young woman's dress. She feels his fingers tugging at her clothes and knows he's going to get her. The businessman stands up, his hands still clasping the young woman's waist. He helps her to her feet and she stumbles backwards, her legs wobbling. The businessman seizes the moment and presses his body against hers, his hands rising to cup her breasts. The young woman moans as the businessman begins kissing her neck and moving his hands to her waist. He begins to undo the buttons and the young woman feels naked. The businessman seizes the moment and begins to explore her body. He runs his hands over her breasts, feeling the soft skin beneath his fingertips. He begins to move his hands toward her stomach, his fingers tracing the curves of her body

Duration: 12:38

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