Lbo K Sex Scene 1

In this scene we see a beautiful young woman, K, preparing for a date with a rich businessman, LBO. K is wearing a stunning red dress that accentuates her curves and she looks confident and ready to impress. As they sit down for their date, LBO can't help but stare at K's cleavage and K-hints. She playfully flirts with him, teasing him with her breasts and making him hard. LBO can't resist and grabs her breast and pulls her closer to him. K responds by leaning in to kiss him, and her passion is palpable. They continue making out as K's hands explore LBO's body and LBO's hands explore K. When they part, LBO pulls out a condom and K eagerly puts it on. They both know they're about to have great sex and can't wait to get started. LBO grabs K by the hips, pushes her onto the bed and spreads her legs. He penetrates her slowly, feeling her tight pussy tighten around him the deeper he goes. K moans in pleasure, his body shaking with every thrust. LBO continues to fuck K hard, making her scream in pleasure. He pulls out and cums all over her pussy, leaving her covered in his cum. K smiles and licks his fingers while enjoying the taste of his cum. As they cuddle, LBO can't help but be grateful for this amazing woman and K can't help but be grateful for this amazing man. They both know that they will always have each other, no matter what the future holds. Title: LBO – K Sex – Scene 1

Duration: 12:50

Views: 27

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