Free Journey To Orgasm

It begins with a couple driving to the beach in a convertible with the wind in their hair and the sun on their faces. When they arrive, they lie down on the soft sand and begin to kiss passionately. Their hands go to each other's pants and they begin to undress, exploring every inch of each other's bodies. As the couple begins to make love on the beach, the waves crash behind them, adding a sensual touch to the experience. They roll back and forth, exploring every position and feeling until they both reach their climax. But their orgasms are just the beginning as the couple continues to explore and touch each other, both on and off the beach. You'll stop at a remote location in the forest and take a drive through the bush trails, enjoying the freedom and adventure that comes with being alone in the wilderness. When they finally reach the end of their journey, the couple collapses to the ground, exhausted but still silent and full of sexual desire. They had the best trip of their lives and it was worth it, the free ride to orgasm.

Duration: 19:07

Views: 59

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